By Adam Tate, Associate Editor

Behold the RS 2027 Vision concept car, Renault Sport’s detailed project on what the future of F1 could look like in ten year’s time.

Aside from some more theatrical elements like the LED lighting and the impossibly low profile tires, it isn’t something too far of what could be in the realm of possibility.

It features semi-transparent bodywork to keep the driver on display despite utilizing a jet fighter style canopy. It has all wheel drive, four wheel steering, and active aerodynamics. The deceptively simple shape  is in part due to said aero and also due to the fact that for now it is just a show car.

The 1,300 hp power unit has far more hybridization than on offer today and uses a fuel tank half of what we have in the sport today. Despite the increased electric power and all wheel drive it weighs only 600 KG making it far lighter than current F1 machinery.

It is an extreme proof of concept, an experiment of just one of the directions the sport may take over the next decade, one that will surely see more change in F1 than the last. But don’t expect the Tron style cars to be hitting the track soon, after all the 2017 cars look a lot more like the 2007 cars than this wild one off.

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